The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

It’s funny, now that I’m older, I notice so many more similarities in how my mind works just like my dads. I must have gotten some of my creative tendencies from him. He built my childhood home, put an awesome rope swing in a tree and even built a small playhouse for me and my sisters where we could play house when we were younger. I try not to remind him that we played in it for a week before he started using it as a shed. It was the thought that counts right? So he really can’t be too surprised these days when I come to him for help with a creative idea.

He helped me create a “French cleat” (an interlocking mounting system I learned from him that makes hanging large, heavy things SO much easier) for this door I converted into a large frame. It was an old French door someone was going to get rid of but I saw it’s potential. It now hangs in our dining room and fills a large wall with special moments.
Then, when I presented my idea for the wedding centerpieces, he even made a mock up for me so I could tweak it. Then he proceeded to create the most efficient way to cut and wrap over 20 PVC pipes with twine. Naturally, I went on a branch hunt to fill the centerpieces and in the process, wound up with a lot of branches that I couldn’t use. In another “reduce, reuse, recycle” moment, a light bulb went off and I came up with a plan for the branch cast-offs. I wanted to make a small side table for our couch so we cut down 3 branches and formed them into legs. I took the round table top off of a table the was of no use to my parents and this cute lamp stand was born. I think now that I have discovered chalk paint, I will paint both the door and side table to give them more character. Stay tuned for those transformations further down the road!

So the moral of the story: Always be nice to your father. He almost always has more tools than you. Thanks Dad!


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