Frames: Not just for photos anymore

Frames are universal. They come in all different shapes and sizes but they all serve the same purpose. I love them because they create organized boundaries around special photos, treasured paintings, or other objects all together. You can paint them, group them together, leave them empty, or fill them with mirrors. The possibilities are endless. Here are some possibilities:

This was an empty frame I got from my friend Gigi’s garage (you’ll learn I got a lot of cool stuff from her garage!). I simply cut some chicken wire to size and hot glued it to the back. It now hangs on the outside of my parent’s guest bedroom door (posted under my “Before and After” page). It’s a great place to post notes for guests.

Here’s another great find from the treasure chest that was Gigi’s garage. Her husband had created this frame complete with a buttery colored mat board, linen covered inset and an old, barn wood looking frame. She didn’t want it so I used it to frame one of our wedding invitations. I placed it over a piece of scrap book paper with a neutral, leaf print since we were married in October.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a girl obsessed with lists. As soon as I think of something, I immediately write it down or put it in my iPhone. The same goes for pictures I love or something I see in a magazine, fabric swatches and paint chips. I hung these frames above our computer in our “office”. They were purchased at Home Goods. I removed the glass and replaced it with thin pieces of cork board. Then I scrounged up some leftover ribbon and hung them on the wall. Ta da! Instant idea board!

I heart frames and burlap so the only logical thing to do is put them together! In the guest bedroom redesign, my sisters and I found countless amounts of frames. These four frames had nothing in them and were an ugly, oak wood. I chalk painted them with Old White, removed the glass and tightly glued burlap to the back frame. The letters are from AC Moore and are hung by ribbon and hot glued to the back.

Don’t be afraid to “think outside of the frame!”


4 thoughts on “Frames: Not just for photos anymore

    • Hi Meg, what a great idea – I have some 100 year old and older frames around this 200 year old farmhouse and often wondered what I could possibly do to preserve them and you’ve given me some great ideas..thanks – !! Janie

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