No such thing as leftover burlap

It may smell like a barn, but burlap is so versatile that those traits can be overlooked. The natural weave and neutral color  make it the jack-of-all-trades in the material world (I dare you not to hum the song).

I had some pieces leftover from the frame project in the guest bedroom. A couple of weekends ago, me, my mom, my sister and my cousin, Jen, went to a farm in Fredericksburg to create our very own wreathes.

It was a perfect fit on our red door but it was missing something. I fashioned a “P”, for Parker, obviously, out of aluminum foil then wrapped it in a warm, cozy blanket of burlap.


That’s simply not enough burlap to have around on the holidays. I found this adorable idea on Pinterest and had just enough scraps left to make four place mats. “Eat, drink and be merry” is more than fitting for the holiday season!


You will see the whole table in a future post when I talk about the centerpiece. Happy holiday decorating!




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