Tis the season

After a fun, festive weekend filled with cookie dough and sugar, I’m getting even more excited for Christmas! I decorated our place the weekend after Thanksgiving, but have since added a few more hand crafted accessories.

I had been looking for the perfect branch to complete a candle project. As luck would have it, a branch was hanging from a tree in my parent’s yard, compliments of Hurricane Irene that came through this summer. I really wanted it, so there I was, hanging from the tree trying to rip it off completely. Like most of my projects, I started this one with, “Dad, can you help me cut this?” And just like most responses from my Dad, he said, “You want to make what with a what?” He’s not one to let a challenge go unsolved so he began sawing and drilling. We were able to get them into the pillar sizes I was looking for. However, I learned two very important things that day:
1) Locust trees are solid through and through. They are comparable to stone.

2) A drill press bit is no match for locust wood and will most likely try and rip your fathers hand clear off.

He was able to drill two of them enough to get space for tea lights. I decided the rest of them just weren’t worth his hand. Later that week, I thought a softer branch would be the answer, so I scoured my parent’s yard once more and found some great branches!

This time, while running errands one day, I ran by good old trusty McLean Hardware. My friend, Chris, was very helpful and drilled the rest of the candles for me. Now they have a cozy home on my dining room table buried in lots of fresh evergreen branches.


You’ll notice that some of the taller ones don’t have holes. Those are the dreaded locust branches and were not worthy of tea lights. They did make a nice perch for letters that I cut from scrap paper to form the word, “NOEL.” Tis the season!

If you live in or near McLean, VA and need anything hardware related (or honestly anything you can think of, including random key chains or fruit cake), stop by McLean Hardware. They will take good care of you! Happy holidays!


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