Window, window on the wall

I’ve always loved doors and windows. They are a necessity in a home to protect it and let loved ones in. Old windows are especially interesting to me. Where did they come from, why are they separated from their loving home and who looked through them? Those questions will most likely never be answered.

My mom picked up this window for me from an antique store we pass every time we drive to my grandma’s house in Bethany Beach. I stopped by twice during our Thanksgiving trip and each time they were closed. She was nice enough to lug it home.

It wasn’t exactly what I thought. It’s unbelievably heavy, not made of wood and much to my dismay, was filled with ants! Nothing a little bleach and wood putty can’t fix. Now, what to do with this thing?

I work for a woman named Debbie and she has also been working on a few chalk paint projects. We put our noggins together and decided to spray paint the glass panes with Krylon Looking Glass Paint. This provided a reflective surface on the opposite side.

Next came a coat of Old White Chalk Paint, a thin coat of Dark Wax, another coat of Old White and a final coat of clear wax. It will certainly be a warm window this winter with all of those layers!Debbie finished the final layers and experimented with the dark wax and white paint to get a look she wanted.

Just in time for Christmas, this former ant home found a cozy place above Debbie’s fireplace among garland and stockings hung with care.

It turned out lovely and I know the Dovi family enjoys it! Now I’m on the hunt for an older, more frail, wooden window for another project!


3 thoughts on “Window, window on the wall

    • Meg, I have a 200 year old double window – which means it’s two side by side windows that came off the front of the doorway here at the farm (2 panes) with the original wood and if you’d like it I’ll have Meg take it back for you when she drives up or I drive down ok? each room has a fireplace and what I did with one of the replaced original windows in the rooms is take the top half like you show in your photos and placed a mirror on the back and put it on the fireplace mantle in my bedroom – looks nice and picks up the light from outside!! I love the old “crazy glass” wavy glass in the ancient windows..ask me if you need anything also – I might just have what you’d like in the attic and I’d gladly give it to you..: )

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