Ode to Gull Point

This past weekend, Brian and I visited his Grandparent’s house for the last time. They live in a beautiful home on the water in Mathews, VA. It’s becoming a little too high maintenance for them to take care of so they are making the trek back to good ole’ Chicago to be closer to family. They are so sweet and have raised a beautiful family in that home over many years. It’s hard to be sad because so many memories were made there. It certainly is the end of an era.



We were fortunate enough to take home some beautiful mementos from their home. They were sweet enough to let us have a piece of furniture they had purchased when they lived in England that sat in their attic for more than 20 years. I loved the bones of the piece and envisioned it in our cozy apartment. It needs some TLC and a little pizazz. My goal is to finish working on it before our Christmas party this Friday! Yikes! Better get to work!


We also collected some shutters from their field house, a sturdy wooden bookcase and some very cool, vintage bottles!

Mathews is an adorable little, old-school town with plenty of small shops filled with character. We visited one in particular that was calling my name. I have been on the hunt for an old door for some time now. It just so happens that before we even entered Roane’s Antiques, I saw the door I had been searching for, complete with a holiday wreath! It was the last door they had so it was also incredibly affordable! Looks like an early Christmas present for me! Stay tuned for future updates about the buffet and the door!

Farewell Gull Point. It’s time for another family to love you. You are a treasure nestled quietly along the waters in Virginia and you will be deeply missed.


3 thoughts on “Ode to Gull Point

  1. Thanks, Meg, for a beautiful ode, both in words and in photos. Thanks, too, to both you and Brian for all the times that you visited Mom and Dad there… you brightened their lives and helped them in so many ways.

    Merry Christmas with love,

    Aunt Martha

  2. Meg, that was a nice way of saying good bye to Gull Point. I know everyone will appreciate the pictures and your wonderful words…enjoy your mementos and your door!

    See you in a few days!

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