Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

With another new year comes a fresh, clean slate. It’s that time of year when everyone is motivated to hit the gym, deflate from over eating and vow to do things better this time around. I am not exempt from those clichés. Unfortunately, in the past week, I learned of the passing of two beautiful women who will miss that opportunity in 2012.
Dodie Borland was a long time friend of my parents. She learned through a routine physical last month that she had stage four pancreatic cancer. She lost her battle right before the new year. Dodie leaves behind her 4 grown children who I can only feel the utmost sadness. Cynthia Williams was a former teacher at my elementary school, Lemon Road. She was just there visiting my sister, mom and other teachers who work there just last week. The next day she went to the hospital for chest pains and passed away from a heart attack. She was such a vibrant, sweet, beautiful person and I know she will be missed. I know the year ended with horrible sadness for both their families and friends and I continue to pray about their healing.
Loss of this magnitude is hard to comprehend if you’ve never gone through it. If for nothing else, it’s a chance to really tell the people who make a difference in your life how you feel about them.
I currently work for two fantastic mothers and helping take care of their kids brings me a lot of joy, and honestly, practice for when I have my own children! For Christmas, I wanted to show them my appreciation in a creative way. I found a link on my current obsession, Pinterest. They were precious nest necklaces. If you’ve explored my blog, you have probably clicked on my friend, Christen’s blog, blue egg brown nest. Ding, ding, ding! Perfect, personal gift! I loved how hers turned out so much that I thought it was also a great gift for Debbie, who will soon add another little birdie to her growing nest!

Just a small token to show how much they have both taught me about what it is to be an amazing mother. That’s of course in addition to my own mom, grandmother, MIL and other special women in my life!

I hope everyone had a great holiday filled with lots of quality family time. And for the Borland and Williams family, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.


One thought on “Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

  1. Meggie, what a heartfelt post. That was so kind of you to mention Cynthia and Dodie. Although, for the record, Dodie went in for pains in her legs, and they found a blood clot. It wasn’t routine, but unfortunately, the result was the same.

    On another note, I know you will be a fantastic mom one day!
    Love you.

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