Chalkboard Door

Some of you might remember this beauty…

I found her at a consignment shop in Mathews, VA and it was love at first sight. Mathews is on the water so naturally people love to boat. There was a beautiful painting of a boat scene on the back.


It certainly was a nice painting but it didn’t fit what I had in mind for it. I sure hope the artist doesn’t ever come across my blog! I had serious guilt painting over it. For months I’ve had a vision for an old door that could potentially be a perfect fit in someone’s mud room or kitchen.

I’m all about function and lists! Why not put the two together with some old country charm?!

I decided not to paint the front of the door because it was already distressed and authentic. The lock on the right side is my favorite part of the project and it definitely makes it unique. I painted the two panels at the top with Chalkboard Paint. It’s a perfect place to start a grocery list, a honey-do list or welcome notes for your guests. Feel free to play hangman or tic-tac-toe as well! I added a simple basket and 2 hooks for extra function. Throw your keys on a hook or reusable grocery bags then toss your gloves and hat into the basket. Really it’s for whatever you please!

If you would like to add some charm to your home, go to the “Shop” link on my blog to make this unique door your own! You can email me at


7 thoughts on “Chalkboard Door

  1. Hi Meg, that’s a great idea – too bad I didnt’ live closer to you – I have 2-3 200 year old doors that I took off downstairs and stored them upstairs….big Meg wants the old kitchen door cause gramma had put their heights, etc.. on it..that’s a great use for the door though with the blackboard on it..I’ll have to show it to her..!!

    • I know! I wish we lived closer too but I’m really hoping Brian and I can come up to visit you in the spring and we can do crafty stuff while Big Meg and Brian work on the farm :o)

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