Give me shutters

Oh shutters. I now have a love-hate relationship with them. I have always loved the look of shutters. Something about them speaks to me. I love how they flank beautiful windows on the exterior, hide family life on the interior. Plantation shutters, slated shutters, solid, short and tall, wood or metal. The list goes on and on and I love them all. Naturally, when Grandma and Grandpa Parker had 5 extra shutters from their home in VA, I quickly volunteered to take them off their hands. What an honor to literally hold a piece of Gull Point forever. I will keep a pair of them for my own to treasure.

Wanting them to be functional, I decided to hinge them together to make a screen. Correction- I did not do this myself. My lovely husband went to the hardware store and put them together. I think I’ll keep him!

Part of the appeal of shutters is that old-school, Georgian feel. I applied two coats of Annie Sloan to them. Both coats were Country Grey. Next, I added a coat of clear wax, then finally, dark wax to get that old, worn in look. I will tell you that I had to put on some soothing yoga tunes while painting the last final coats. I was certainly getting frustrated with all of those rungs, front and back! It was tedious work but worth it in the end.

Use them in a corner for some added height or to hide clutter! If you’re interested in adding some old, Georgia charm to your home, contact me at!


4 thoughts on “Give me shutters

  1. Awesome Meg…I love all your ideas. I made a screen out of old closet doors because I refused to pay $300 for one but I spray painted mine black and rubbed it with sandpaper. I need help with the painting part. Have you seen the website Reloved Rubbish?

    • Thanks, Christine! I checked out Reloved Rubbish and love her blog! Her style is very similar to what I love. You should check out my friend Christen’s blog. It’s called Blue Egg Brown Nest. She is so talented and is really taking off in her business. When will we see you all next?!

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