No more shutters

Well, my small struggle with shutters is finally over…for now. After tackling the screen and painting 6 sides with slight frustration, I didn’t anticipate jumping right into the other two. Then I thought, no better time than the present. I just wanted to get it over with so I dove right in without abandon.

These are the three I hinged together for the screen. The other two look exactly the same except they are about one foot shorter. My first thought for them was to make a nice little place on my bathroom wall to hang all of my jewelry on a burlap covered bulletin board. I would use the shutters to hide it and create some texture and interest on the wall. When this idea came to me, I was not at home and simply visualized the size of the shutters. Do you ever do that? You can see something in your head that fits perfectly to scale but in reality, it just doesn’t work!

Back to the drawing board. In our apartment, we have a large cut-out that connects the living room and the kitchen. I love it especially when I’m making dinner and watching a tried and true episode of “Friends”. On either side of that cut-out is the perfect space to flank the shutters.

I had photographs there that I took myself from a cross-country road trip with my sister and cousin, Cate. We drove from San Diego to Northern VA and somewhere in Arizona, we passed these amazing birch trees. I will hang them somewhere else for now to make way for the shutters!

My helpful husband made a funny observation after he hung them. Now they look like actual window shutters flanking the large opening into our kitchen. Oh yes, I definitely planned that!

I hope that these pieces of Gull Point history will protect our home like they did for all of the friends and family that visited the Parkers. Everyday when I look at them, they will remind me of the good times. And after I reminisce, I will remind myself that painting more of them is not in my near future.


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