Goodwill, Good deal

Just recently, a new Goodwill retail store opened up right down the street from us. I used to have mixed feelings about Goodwill until I actually went into one. People get rid of some pretty awesome things! I found this lamp base for crazy cheap! I also found a perfect dresser for our bedroom but my reasonable husband got the best of me. A few days later, I went back and sadly, she was gone. The lamp will eventually go on a dresser in our room. For now, it will light up our wine nook.

Here’s the before.

Ah yes. That lovely 1980’s brass! Great shape but not feeling the finish.

Here she is with a coating of Old White. Already more refreshing!

And with a glamorous make-over…


I added a coat of Country Grey, clear wax, then a soft dusting of dark wax. It turned out really nice and I think the next time I need a lamp, I will certainly check out my local Goodwill first!

On a side note, I also scored a great find at TjMaxx this past weekend. A rustic, metal basket for $10? Yes please!

I want to call myself a “Maxxinista,” but my husband thinks it one of the most obnoxious things you can hear on a commercial these days. Really? More than the new JcPenny commercials?!


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