Trash to treasures

After a busy weekend of searching for treasures and painting, I’m whooped. When I’m finished writing this post, I plan on crawling into bed to watch “The Holiday” and wait for my husband to return home from Chicago at midnight.

I was able to complete a few projects. Loose ends bother me so that makes me happy! I’ve been procrastinating on creating a place to hang my jewelry for a few months now. The silver frame I found at Goodwill did the trick. It was a hideous, tacky silver before. So I painted it in Paris Grey and added cork board behind it and painted it the same color. It’s now hanging up in my bathroom for easy access!

On to those ugly lamps. They say “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But who really listens to that?

They were transformed into lamps worthy of perching on our bedroom night stands.

The shades I put on them are temporary and were from the previous lamps in our room. They are clearly not to scale but I am on the hunt for appropriate ones. It’s surprisingly difficult to find single lamp shades that aren’t sold with lamp bases!

This next score was an interesting one. I found this mirror at Goodwill for a whopping $6. It was attached to a vanity cabinet that was obviously from a bathroom. After I got over the creepiness, I simply removed the shelving unit from the back, cleaned it off and got to painting.

Now it’s a clean, chic mirror! Mirror glass is actually expensive so I snatched this one up.


My favorite find all weekend is the silver goblet I found at Goodwill. It’s real silver and lined with copper. I looked it up on EBay and it’s actually worth some money! Right now I think it’s a perfect vessel for my daffodils.

I also started the bookcase project as well as the girly, gold mirror. To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Trash to treasures

  1. Good job! I would say you had a very successful weekend of painting. They all look great. What is the technique that you used on the lamps? Have you tried Bed Bath and Beyond for lamp shades?

  2. Thanks, Laura! I did have a great weekend painting but I’m ready to sleep! I used Annie Sloan chalk paint, clear wax and dark wax. It adheres to to any surface and the dark wax makes it look more like a wooden lamp. I will check BB&B!

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