The greatest buffet ever

It has been such an unbelievably busy month. I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions dealing with my grandmother in hospice and searching for our first home. I’m filled with sadness, excitement, guilt and fatigue. Trying to distract myself has proved to be somewhat difficult. I did however, get a chance to work on the buffet I found a few weeks ago. It gave me a few hours to focus on the present and it was actually quite calming. You may remember I found it by fate at the Goodwill. Here is the before photo.

It was a beautiful piece as it was but it needed a makeover to make it into 2012.

I settled on ASCP in Old Ocre, not knowing where she will end up. I wanted it to be a versatile neutral.



I can’t wait to fill it with linens, platters and dishes. That will have to wait though. We put in an offer on a house last night so she will have to sit tight until we find her a permanent place to be filled with goodies!


4 thoughts on “The greatest buffet ever

  1. Very nice..I like the color choice, Meg….So sorry to hear about your grandma : ( Saying goodbye is never easy….hugs to your family. How exciting that you will soon have your own house. Then you will be set with a garage and space to work and fill up with all of your treasures…good luck!

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