Jewels and Frames

It’s surreal going through my grandmother’s jewelry knowing that she will never get to wear it again. It’s also comforting knowing that it was hers and that she wore it at some point. I have to say that she had some very interesting pieces that are just begging for a back story. I have no idea what she would have worn an Egyptian head-piece for! I imagine her at a Halloween party wearing it on her head, dressed in a gold sheath, the life of the party. When she was in the early stages of her illness in the hospital, she told us that she wanted my dad to dress up as a bear for Halloween. We had no idea what she was talking about but then later figured out she was talking about him wearing her big, brown Snuggie. The thought still makes me giggle.

I’m a practical girl so knowing full well I would never wear her classic clip-on earrings, I decided on another use for them.

The backings on some were pretty bulky so I pried all of those off to make them easier to apply. I grouped them together in ways that I thought were elegant and simple.

Any frame would have worked but I wanted an elegant, antique look. I bought three, cheap frames and painted them in ASCP. After distressing and waxing them, I hot glued the earrings onto the frames in their appropriate groupings. One is for myself and the other two are for my sisters to have.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her that we stumbled across when getting things together for the funeral.

Please ignore the random family in the other frames. They are not related to us.


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