Reflections Of

…the way life used to be. Does anyone remember that show from the early 90’s called China Beach? I remember watching it with my parents and that song was in the beginning. That song and a helicopter. I have no idea what the show was about, but I’m sure it was a little mature for my age. Melrose Place was ahead of my time too but I never missed an episode with my parents. Really, Mom? Were you trying to teach me something?

I’ve been collecting mirrors the past couple of weeks. Why is mirrored glass so expensive? At any normal store, it’s pricey, but not at the Goodwill! I’m making new friends there these days. People seem to recognize me and I was even able to take a tour of the back room to search for a pedestal table!


It’s easy to see why people might have gotten rid of these poor things. They’re not the most attractive in their current state. I saw their potential and snatched them up.

Brian said, “another mirror?”. Why yes love, there is a method to my madness.

In our new home, there is a wall opposite of all the windows and doors in our great room that will need to be filled. I plan on making a large collage of mirrors to reflect the natural light and make up for a lack of windows. For that reason, I painted them all in neutral Annie Sloan colors so that they will appear to be cohesive.

Here they are grouped together on my Easter-themed buffet!

I can’t wait to see them hanging on the wall filled with reflections of the late day sun.


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