Yard Sale Season

It’s that time of year! Get ready to rise and shine early on a Saturday morning. People are just waiting to make a buck on their “junk” and I’m willing to give it to them. This past weekend, my husband and I were out looking for some goods to fill our new home on a budget. Most weekdays, I scour my Craigslist app under the Garage Sale category to find the good sales. It’s a good resource but I will let you in on one of my little secrets! If you have a Smart Phone, download the app, Yard Sale Mapper. It allows you to use your current location to search for yard sales on a Saturday or Sunday. It will drop a pin on the map where there is a sale and then links you to directions and the original post through Craigslist. If you love spending your Saturday mornings sifting through other people’s treasures, you won’t be sorry!

Here are some of the things that we scored.

We stumbled upon the vintage, leather suitcase at the first place we stopped. It’s in amazing condition with a really cool buckle on it. The brass morning doves, owl and key were among a lot of other brass items at our second stop. They are clearly from the 80’s and need a little updating. Chalk paint will fix them right up! At the same sale, we found this awesome vintage, portable typewriter in the original travel case. It actually works too because Brian felt the need to test it when we brought it home. It does have a musty, old smell but I just recently read that if you submerge an item in kitty litter for 24 hours, it takes out all of the stench!

The small side table that now houses the typewriter was a find at Goodwill on the way home. We figured we might as well top off our treasure hunt there. It looked like this when we found it.

Here is the face lift.

I love the lattice cut on the sides and the scalloped edges around the top. It came with a glass piece on top. I wanted to jazz it up and make it fun so I went to the craft store and picked up some printed scrapbook paper to lay under the glass. I think it puts a modern twist on a beautiful piece of furniture. The birds on top were the former brass doves.

This is the owl:

His name if Hooten.

Even though it’s a holiday weekend, I still may try and fit in a yard sale or two.


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