Come and visit…

after we move of course. When you do, I have the perfect luggage rack for you to throw your bag on! This beat up, run down luggage stand was given to me by my boss at M.Quinn Designs,  to play with and fix up.

Peaches remind me of summer and farmer’s markets, but this peach reminded me of rancid meat. It was time for it to go. The fabric straps were more than frayed and stained. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t think through the true value of the straps until I removed them. It made painting it difficult since it kept collapsing on me. I solved that pickle by tying the top rails together with twine.

Now she’s sturdy and ready for guests and their belongings!


I hope everyone had a really nice Easter. We had a great time with the family and as always, had plenty of laughs. Every year when my sister and I host, we make little guest favors for each person to take home with them. We decided not to go with candy this year. Instead, we made the greatest granola you will ever taste! I got this recipe from a dear friend and for a few months, I was making it weekly. Don’t be confused. It is not healthy! However, it is truly addicting and you will not regret making it.



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