Herb garden bathtub

I had to give a shout out to my dad today for his creative yard work over the weekend! He bought this claw-foot tub from a yard sale years ago but it sat by the side of the house and collected rust. It served a multitude of purposes over the years but mostly as a catchall for empty paint cans. It was an eye-sore at best but now with some TLC and my dad’s elbow grease, it’s a beautiful feature. Naturally, a tub in the yard seems a little “trashy” but with a fresh coat of paint to cover the rust and a new load of soil, this tub will produce lots of fresh herbs for my parents to use on a daily basis! Nice work, Dad!


4 thoughts on “Herb garden bathtub

  1. You and your dad are so talented! And your mom, too, of course. 🙂 And your sisters. Oh heck, the whole Donaldson clan rocks!

  2. Good job Buddy! It looks perfect, almost too good to be outside with dirt in it! : ) Be sure and post pictures after the herbs are planted ; )

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