Makeshift Studio

My Grandma always says, “where there’s a will there’s a way”. That quote sticks with me at this crazy time in my life. I have been a busy bee gathering furniture and accessories to fill our home that will officially be ours on May 1st. As a planner, I want to get as much done now so that I can focus on the fun part when we move in. Putting everything together to complete my vision is where the adrenaline starts flowing! That means that while we’re in limbo, I need a space to work on projects and move forward with progress. In a small apartment on the third floor, that leaves limited space. I have to say that I’ve been fighting my OCD urges to have everything in it’s place lately. I know that all of my hard work  will pay off when we can actually afford to pay a mortgage instead of buying expensive furniture!

We sold a small loveseat that was in this little space we call our “wine nook”. The pedestal table we picked up this weekend in Front Royal, now serves as a work table until I get to it. More on that later.


Sometimes when the weather is lovely and allows for it, I take projects out on the deck. The other day I stripped down this small table and annoyed my neighbors with the sound of an electric sander. A little sawdust never hurt anybody! I remember playing in piles of it in my dad’s workshop when I was little. It probably wasn’t very smart but my sister and I also painted rocks and made pretend soup out of rain water and acorns. I guess it was a simpler time before Wii.

I’m looking forward to turning our new garage into a workspace (is that ok Brian?)


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