My happy place

Officially becoming a homeowner is slightly scary! On the flip side, it means we get to decorate and fill our home with pieces that reflect our style. One of my favorite places is Old Lucketts Store .

It is now 25 minutes from our new house which means I will be a more frequent visitor! I won’t say it was a defining factor in the purchase of our home but it was certainly an extra perk.

It’s heaven on Earth if you are a crafty, creative, thrifty person like myself. I spent 3 hours there by myself digging around and enjoy all of the vignettes and vintage items.
Here is one of my favorite installments out near the design house tucked away in a cozy barn.

I can’t wait to get to work on some of the pieces I collected. Among those pieces were 2 awesome, galvanized buckets, an old piece of drift wood, a coat rack, an old window pane, a cool shutter with interesting hardware, a vertical window and the biggest frame I’ve ever seen! Also, not shown in the photos, I snagged a bundle of vintage books, a blue linen hand towel and two mason jars.



I have a plan for both window panes as well as the large frame, which will become a headboard for our master bedroom. I don’t want to disclose too much info so stay posted for the transformations!


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