Sticks and frames

This project was born when Brian and I were brainstorming about what to hang above our bed as a head board. I was given this empty frame that I painted and was looking for something fun to fill it with. As I was searching through our house for things that I could use, I found a bundle of branches that I had purchased at Ikea years ago that just sat in a corner.


Here is my handsome husband cutting the branches to size so we can fill the frame with them vertically. I jumped off an idea I saw on Pinterest that was similar to this. The difference is, I placed them much closer together for a more dramatic effect.


It was a tedious job and it took some strategy to fit them together and overlap them for the effect I was looking for.

Turns out it was a bit of a hazard hanging above our heads! We relocated it to above our soaker tub for a relaxing touch of nature.

We’re still on the hunt for a battery-operated light source to mount behind it. I think it will look pretty awesome with light spreading up between those branches don’t you?!


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