High on Hydrangeas

There is just something about these magical, puffy flowers that I adore! They are so romantic and visually pleasing that I just can’t get enough! Sadly, I had to forgo them in my wedding bouquets because they are so pricey. Anytime I can get my hands on them for free, I’m a happy girl. My dream is to plant a ton of them when we find our forever home. I would put them in every room. A small, dainty bouquet in the guest rooms for a little eye candy, a large, rounded bunch on a coffee table, and one or two by my bed for something sweet to wake up to.

Thanks to my mom and my cousin Meg, I’ve been enjoying the bounty of their hydrangea plants the past few days!

I think my favorite colors are white and pale green. They’re so classically beautiful. That white one that sits on my coffee table is actually from Brian’s office party two weeks ago! She’s still hanging in strong.

If you have a neighbor or a friend who is lucky enough to have these beauties lying around their yard, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a few! Get them while they’re still gorgeous because they will start to fry and dry out as the weather gets hotter.

Sometimes I wish I was a florist so I could be surrounded by fresh flowers all day long. Ah, sigh…


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