Sentimental TV stand

When I look at our new 55″ TV that my husband just had to have for the man cave, it doesn’t make me nostalgic. However, when I look at the piece of furniture it now rests upon, I can smell warm, baked apples, chicken pot pie and iced tea from my grandma’s kitchen. That’s because the buffet that used to be in my grandma’s cozy kitchen is now transformed into a useful piece for our basement.

Since my grandma passed away in March, we now have the bitter-sweet task of clearing out her house. It’s bitter because she’s not there anymore but it’s sweet because we can reminisce and continue on her legacy. Here’s what the piece looked like where it lived in her kitchen for many years.

Vintage huh? My dad said she painted it herself. We share a name and the same hobbies! While the color is actually beautiful, it needed a little updating.


Here it is with a little face-lift. Brian and I decided to go with a slate- blue,  latex based paint in a satin finish. We didn’t want to go too bold because it would be distracting while watching TV. We swapped out the hardware for a more updated, masculine feel. It is the man cave after all.


You may notice that there are two perfect nooks at the top for our cable box and DVD player. We simply removed the top drawers, unattached the faces and sides and left the platform base for them to rest on. I need to touch up the front edge so it will blend in. Painting the inside of the drawers as well as the back helped everything look more cohesive.

The cabinets hold our Wii console, games and equipment.

Thanks Grandma, for passing on such a timely and functional piece! You certainly had taste!


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