I caved

Who am I kidding? I caved and gave my husband his birthday present last night! His birthday isn’t until August 8th but he convinced me to give in. On the plus side, I don’t have to hide it somewhere now.



Born and raised in Chicago and missing it everyday, I knew it was the perfect gift for him. It combines our love of vintage things with our love of the mid-west. I originally saw it at Lucketts last month with my sister-in-law. I didn’t buy it then because it was too early but now I realize I should have. I checked online a few weeks ago to find that all seven of them were sold out! I was crushed but was determined to track one down. I found a site that had it in stock! It was actually cheaper but the shipping was $40! I couldn’t give up on Lucketts so I called them one more time to see if anymore were coming. Amy was so helpful and searched over at the Design House. Jackpot! The last one was hiding over there on display and it was all mine! I picked it up yesterday and clearly couldn’t hide my excitement.

It’s already hanging on the wall at the entry to the “man cave”. He loves it!

If you are trying to track down something similar or the real thing, you can check out Lucketts blog and they will let you know when more might be in stock. There is also a beautiful one of New York!


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