Headboard or Patience Challenge?

Sometimes I wish that my ideas only required my own hard work. It would certainly relieve my husband from a little bit of frustration! Unfortunately, my idea for a large headboard would only work with four hands and strong arms.

You may remember the insanely large frame I scored at Lucketts a few months ago.

I bought it with every intention of creating a grandiose headboard above our bed. That project finally came to fruition yesterday after a few weekends worth of work. The first step was a trip to Home Depot, my second home these days. I love that they can cut pieces of wood to any dimension you request. We bought a large piece of 1/4 inch plywood and had it cut into 20 twelve-inch squares. In order to attach the squares as one unit, we also had a piece of 1/8 inch MDF board cut to the dimensions of the inside of the frame.

Here are the squares laid out to fit as tightly as possible. The only downfall to having them cut by someone else is that they weren’t all perfectly 12 square inches.

The next phase was a trip to the fabric store. We went straight to the clearance section to see if there was any natural looking material at a great cost. Hiden in between bolts was a beautiful, soft, linen. I wanted to keep it simple and clean considering we had to wrap twenty squares. Three yards and $16 later, all of our pieces were together and ready to become a headboard!

Cutting and wrapping each square was slightly tedious but at least we could do it in a nice, cool basement and out of the heat!We attached the fabric with a staple gun on the opposite side.

We’re getting closer! After thinking through a few possibilities to adhere the squares to the board, we settled on Strong Stick glue from Home Depot and let it dry overnight.

Leaving the four square corners off allowed us to hold up the headboard and attach screws to the wall. Then we placed the frame on top of it for a solid, cohesive piece. I will be honest. Writing it makes it sounds easy as pie. In reality, I’m just happy that our marriage is still intact. Patience was tested, voices were slightly raised, and sweat was abundant. We came out victorious in the end and now we have a sweet, handmade, original headboard.



Special shout out to the greatest husband in the world: Thanks for all of your hard work and patience through this project! Thank God you were raised in a family with all girls. I’m certain this is one of the reasons you hang in there with me!


7 thoughts on “Headboard or Patience Challenge?

  1. Meg. U are amazing!!! And what a great husband! How come u did so many squares instead of one big piece of something? I’m clueless of stuff like this so just wondering

    • Thanks Cate! We do a lot of projects on the weekends. I decided on 20 squares because it was what divided evenly in the dimensions. But with one flat piece of fabric it wasnt interesting enough. The squares added dimension with the lines without feeling too busy.

  2. Hey Meg,
    I’ve been following your blog and have enjoyed seeing your tranformations.
    I was meaning to send you a picture of a table I bought for $35.00, but have been side tracked with the move to Texas. I will send it one day when I am back in FL. it has not made the trip to TX yet …. since we need a place to put it. I am sure I will have a ton of questions for you when we get settled and I start working on creating our country home!! Love your headboard and all your other great projects.

    • Patsy, I would love to see a picture of it and give you some pointers! I hope the move is going smoothly. I saw you got your horses back! Yay! Talk to you soon!

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