Unexpected finds

I love it when something fantastic shows up spontaneously! That was my experience last weekend on my way to the beach. My mom and I drove together to Bethany Beach and she shares my love of old, vintage antiques. We stopped at an unsightly building that I’ve always wanted to go to called the Ole Sale Barn. The front of the building is scattered with random items including beautiful pots, old windows, wooden benches and a large, life-size, metal Shrek. Yes, you read that right. We now loving refer to the place as the Shrek Store. His love, Fiona, is inside!

After walking around to explore and play around, I found two great items! Here is a preview of playtime:

That’s my mom hugging a huge, metal rooster. We tried to play a joke on my sisters and dad and told them that he was coming home with us. They know me too well. There’s no way that would ever happen!

After fumbling through some dusty items and stepping over frames and signs, I found this beauty!


It’s an old country balance scale. I love the patina on it and it’s bold, red coloring. It’s solid metal and pretty heavy.


The rosemary and tomatoes are compliments of the Bethany Beach Farmers Market!

I also stumbled across a great gift for a certain someone whose birthday is coming up! I haven’t sent it to her yet so I can’t ruin the surprise here!

Don’t these pictures get you excited for Christmas?!


4 thoughts on “Unexpected finds

    • I know I love it too! Did you send an email to my gmail account? I replied to your message on here a few months ago. Did you send a picture of the living room? I’m sorry I didn’t get it. Try sending it again and I’ll keep an eye out for it!

    • Thank you! I was looking through your blog and realized it would be a perfect addition to your home! I’m excited to see more transformations. It’s beautiful! I’ll keep an eye out if I find another one similar!

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