Chalkboard Inspiration

Not to be confused with Chalk Paint, chalkboard paint is exactly what it sounds like. I’m sure you’ve seen it recently.If you decide to jump on board, learn from my mistakes and make sure you get black and not green! It’s certainly in style right now in the DIY world. I’ve always had projects in mind that involve chalkboard paint but they’ve been pushed to the back burner. My first experience with the paint was for this project last year.

I loved it so much but ended up selling it to a girl who got married this month in Greece. I’m waiting to hear from her with photos to see how she used it!

That was that last time I used the chalkboard paint and decided it was time to break it out. In my post a few days ago, I mentioned that our family friend gave me some great items from her father-in-laws home. One of those things was this sad mirror.

If you look closely, you can see the shattered fragments underneath the glass. The back of the mirror was peeling significantly and even the Salvation Army wouldn’t take it. I’m thankful for that because I saw an excellent chalkboard about to emerge! It’s very old but sturdy and made of really nice wood. The glass surface was perfectly smooth and ideal for chalkboard paint.

The paint has to dry in between coats and for about 3 days before you can write on it. I tackled the chalkboard paint first.

Here it is after two coats. Then I was ready to chalk paint it and distress it. After much love and some TLC, this is how it looks now in my living room:


I painted it in ASCP Versailles, which has a tint of green in it. Hanging above it are mirrors that I painted before we moved with every intention of hanging them in this exact spot. However, they didn’t grow on me after a day and I decided to take down the top four because it was just too much. I left the scalloped one and the small octagonal one to reflect some light from the windows across the room.  Decorating is all about trial and error. Don’t be afraid to try things. Nothing is permanent!


I will leave the chalkboard resting against the wall because I will change its design frequently. This quote really resonated with me as my husband and I settle into our first, new home.

“A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” There is beauty in traveling the world but there’s nothing like coming home to the people and things that you love!

I wanted to also give a shout out to Miss Mustard Seed. I love her work and she has some amazing chalkboard ideas. I was inspired by a few of her blog posts to try it in this way. She’s such an inspiration! Check our her work. You won’t be disappointed!

Thank you Debbie Chubb, for keeping me entertained with all of these fun projects!

Stay tuned for some future chalkboard projects for my kitchen!


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