It’s the little things

It’s no secret that Old Lucketts Store is one of my most favorite places. If you have been following my blog for a while, you have seen all of the fun finds I have acquired there over time. This past weekend, I was able to get there for about an hour to scour through treasures at their Labor Day Sale. Clearly, I was not the only one who was excited to shop. I went on Sunday and by then, it was completely picked over! I was shocked at how bare it was but also excited for the store owners and vendors. My main goal was to buy some of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.

Here it is in a sample packet. I’m positive I will love it but I want to test it out before I dive into the big boxes. I can’t wait to use it on a project!

Speaking of projects, I found a charming, little desk on sale for a steal! Isn’t it nice when things pop up in such a timely manner? I have been on the hunt for a small desk for our office because I’m about to give my current one to my sister. It’s small and quaint but I think it will do the trick after it gets a makeover.

Of course I couldn’t escape without a few accessories. I kept myself in check, especially since my husband was there as the voice of reason.

This  jumped off the shelf and I realized it was embroidered with my initials! How could I leave it there when it was tailored made for me! A grain sack with my initials on it in red to match my scale? Yes please!


It’s folded in half on my kitchen table until I figure out a more creative place for it. Does anyone know if you can wash those things in the washer?

We recently mounted our TV on the wall in the living room and I was searching for something to fill some of the surface space on the buffet.

I stumbled across this old, wooden box that has three compartments. It’s perfect for corralling vases, birds and nick-knacks in an orderly fashion.

I have to say, I’ve never been disappointed by a trip to Lucketts and this one was no exception. I’m excited to get started on the desk and to explore the Milk Paint world!


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