Romantic Glow

For a while now, I’ve been on the hunt for a light fixture to hang in our master bedroom. When we bought our home in May, the ceilings were wired for a fan or a light fixture in some rooms. I stared at the circular cover in our bedroom for months bound and determined to find something great to hang there. As luck would have it, my friend Debbie, had an old, dusty chandelier sitting in storage ready for a sad fate. She is the same friend who gave me the 60’s style desk and the cracked mirror I made into a chalkboard.

Here it is after I thoroughly cleaned it off and taped over the sockets. It wasn’t really my style or what I envisioned but it had great bones and beautiful curves!  Even before this step, I was almost positive I would have to rewire it. After taking it to Benjamin’s Electric in Herndon, VA, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was good to go! If you live in the Northern VA area and need an electrician, look up Benjamin. Don’t be put off by the messy, residential home and his three, yippy dogs. He’s very nice and knows what he’s doing. He kind of reminds me of a mad scientist.

After taping it off and hanging it from my garage door, I sprayed one coat of a white primer on it.

This is with one coat and already it looks so glamorous! I let it dry overnight before I applied two coats of Rust-oleum spray paint in a satin finish in a creamy, white color.

Now, before I revel it hanging in my boudoir, I have to give credit to my husband who was very patient with me when we were wiring this thing.

I’m so proud of the two of us for tackling this ourselves and not getting electrocuted! I did get an excellent workout running to and from the fuse box four floors down!

And now, after all of the hard work and clothes I ruined with spray paint, here is our chandelier!


We also installed it on a dimmer switch for a little ambiance. When it’s turned up to its full wattage, it feels like you’re walking on the sun so I like to keep it somewhere in the middle.


At one point, it used to have crystals hanging from it. Debbie said some of the family members wanted to keep those, understandably. I like how glamorous it is without them but maybe one day I will add them back on. It will take 48 crystals so it’s not quite a top priority for me!

I’m a little obsessed with this new addition. It’s so relaxing reading before bed to the soft, soothing glow.

Side note: I’m aware that Brian’s side of the bed is sparse and that the lamps are uneven. I’m working on finding another nightstand for his side, some artwork for that wall and a bench for the foot of the bed. If you’re like me, the unevenness of the lamps is enough to drive you crazy!


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