Cleaning Silver

This is a chore that seems tedious and low on the priority list. However, I’m an instant gratification kind of girl so I was excited to try it! I was watching the Today Show the other morning when they had a segment on household tips. One tip was how to clean silver items with baking soda and boiling water. Ok, I’m paying attention!

I recently found this beauty in a friends donation pile.

It’s a vintage, silver, mint julep cup giving as an award at some point. These have become increasingly popular accessories. Check out one of my favorite bloggers, Miss Mustard Seed, for creative ways to use them!

I also had this silver goblet that I bought from Goodwill last year. It was getting a little tarnished and I want to use it for my upcoming housewarming party.

Time to shine! The process for cleaning the silver seemed super easy. Simply line a sink or pot with aluminum foil depending on the amount of your silver.

Next, sprinkle in a 1/4 cup of baking soda, a little salt and cover with boiling water for a few minutes. What happens next is an exciting chemical reaction! You can’t exactly tell in the photo, but half of the goblet has cleared and the other is still tarnished. I let them sit for about 5 minutes and rotated them occasionally. I carefully pulled them out, rinsed them off and polished them with a soft Brillo pad.

The results were fantastic!

So easy and gratifying! I will certainly try this technique with the silverware I recently inherited from my grandmother. I encourage you to break out your silver and make it shine!

Another helpful tip when storing your silver: place a piece of chalk in with it and it will absorb the chemicals that cause tarnish!


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