New light in a flash

What to do when you need lighting and need it fast? Scour your closets and see what you have first! I had purchased a random lamp shade at Goodwill for $7  before we moved. It ended up being way too large for the lamp I had in mind.

It’s boring and non-descriptive but it found a place to sit in my guest room closet waiting for a purpose. This past weekend, my husband and I finally finished the bar area we’ve been working on! It came together so nicely but the corner it sits in was a little dark. We’re having a house-warming party this weekend and I wanted a light source behind the bar. Since hard-wiring a light  was not an option in a pinch, my creative gears got to thinking.

I finally found a purpose for that lampshade! To jazz it up a bit, I hot glued a beautiful, smokey-blue ribbon that I already had around the rim.


Add in a simple light kit, a cord cover and some paint and you have a quick and easy hanging light!


I can’t give you a wider shot without reveling the bar area! You’ll have to wait until next week when I will dedicate a post to all of the details that went into that project!


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