Housewarming Fun

How is it that we’re already in the second week of October?!  After a few weekends of entertaining, I’m ready to share some photos of our housewarming party and a few of the details. Maybe it will inspire you to host a fall party and invite your loved ones over!


I hung a few strings of photos from when the house was empty and when we moved in. It gives guests perspective on how far you’ve come! Hang this feature above one of the main food tables for a topic of conversation.


I simply cut triangles out of extra burlap, used stencil letters I had lying around and filled them with fall-colored scrapbook paper. Strung along some twine, this is an easy way to share your photos and create some party decor.

Pumpkins add a pop of orange and an autumnal feel to your home.

I picked up these beautiful, orange Gladiolus at Trader Joes for $4!

You may have seen something similar around the internet with lemons. I substituted oranges instead for another pop of color.


The pumpkin was a gift from my twin sister for the party. How adorable!

In order to separate the crowd, I created a smaller set-up down stairs for the man-cave dwellers.


I saw this idea online for a wedding guest book and thought it was fitting for our housewarming! I simply found an image online of the house from the movie “Up”. Next, I scaled it down, bought a frame with mat included, drew on some balloon strings, and hung it on the wall for guests to add their thumbprint. Now we have a sentimental way to display love from friends and family in our first home.


I wanted our guests to take a little something with them. A lot of people have asked us for our new address so I printed out labels as a thank you and so we are on updated holiday card lists! The keys are from Etsy.

Another plan was to have this empty frame sitting out for all of the guests to take photos in. That didn’t really happen in all of the chaos. We had some fun with it though once the party was over!


Somewhere between opening new bottles of wine and refilling the dip, I wanted to take more pictures of the details. But I’m happy that time could be filled sharing stories and laughs with my wonderful family and friends!


2 thoughts on “Housewarming Fun

  1. Nice, Meg! It looks like your house warming was a huge success and your home looks great! Enjoy!!! I love the idea’s that you portrayed here. BTW my friend is hooked on Annie Sloan paint! Her bargain purchases of various pieces of furniture to be restored, is taking over her living room!!! I have not been able to get to my project as of yet. Too much going on to tackle it just yet. But I can’t wait to try it!

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