Today marks three years of marriage for my husband and I. It’s a drop in the bucket but we’re moving right along! There are a number of different ways to creatively display important mile markers in life. I’m sure you have seen a few floating around. Here are a few, fun examples.

I like this one with the pictures included.

Here’s a simple, streamlined look.

I love how this one is displayed.

This one has a more modern twist. Maybe they were fans of the show “Lost”.

I’ve had this project on my list of “to-dos” for a while and was looking for a different way to display it. After re purposing my grandmother’s sideboard and removing the drawer fronts, the idea presented itself.


They were the same size and made out of sturdy wood, perfect for some signage! I painted them with ASCP in Old Ocre. Next, I taped off a center strip to paint with chalkboard paint. After that had cured for a few days, I lightly dark waxed the paint portion.


They hang in the center of a vintage frame I received from a friend. I love walking by them everyday as a reminder of how far we have come so far. I can’t wait to add more significant dates!

In case you were curious, the order goes:

Our first date, the day we got engaged, our wedding day, and the day we closed on our first home.

Happy anniversary Brian. ❤


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