Bar Art

Last week, I did a post about our organ turned bar. Without making an already lengthy post longer, I left out a piece. I wanted to follow up because my creative husband also deserves credit.

We needed a backdrop in order to anchor the bar and separate it as its own space. The black frame was once an old, French door I got from a friend. We had this in our old apartment with some family photos in it. Filling it with those same photos just didn’t feel cohesive. So, we set up a little makeshift studio on the deck and got to work. We went around the house and collected items that were relevant to the bar area. Some of those include a bottle opener, cigars and port, a corkscrew, a bottle of Blantons Bourbon, a glass of wine, corks, beer and bottle caps. Placed on a simple, white pillowcase in the sunshine, Brian snapped some close-ups. A quick trip to Costco produced these beauties.


I glued them to a heavier card stock and then staple gunned them to the back frame. What would I do without my staple gun?!

We’re so happy with how it turned out. It’s certainly cheaper than buying a huge piece of art. Don’t be afraid to get friendly with your camera! It helps to have a talented photographer as a husband!

Brian comes from a family with other talented photographers. His sister, Susan, is fantastically creative with the camera and has a fabulous eye. Check out her website, Studio Q. If you live in the Indianapolis or Chicago area, look her up for photography services. You won’t be disappointed!


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