Wreath Making: The Holidays are here!

It’s difficult to imagine that Christmas is only forty-three days away when the weather has been so warm and beautiful. Forty-three days? That number sends a small bolt of anxiety through me as I see it written out!

This past weekend, my family and I took a trip down to Miller’s Farm for our second annual wreath making workshop. We had so much fun last year, we had to get crafty again this year. We paid a small fee in advance and when we arrived, everything was set out for us. There to greet us was a wreath form, pins, greenery, ribbon and even some delicious cranberry bread and hot apple cider. Time to get to work!

What I love about this workshop is that it’s so laid back and casual. I simply collected the greenery I wanted to use and started forming my wreath. I definitely got my moneys worth because my wreath ended up weighing a decent amount!

The Millers provided the ribbon but last year I really wanted burlap. This time, I tucked some scrap burlap into my purse and brought it to the farm with me. Here is a quick, picture tutorial on how I fashioned the rosettes.

First, I cut the piece into about an inch and a half wide strip. This example is of a shorter piece so the rosette will be smaller than the ones I made for the wreath.

Next, I tied a knot at one end.

Hold the knot with your fingers and simply twist the burlap as you loop it around the knot in a circular fashion.

You end up with a little nest or rosette. Like I said, this was a short piece so using a longer strip will give you a larger, more pronounced rosette like the ones pictured on my wreath. A safety-pin or straight pin in the back will hold it all together.

We had a wonderful time getting into the holiday spirit, even if it was seventy degrees in the greenhouse!


I just hope the little nail on my door is up for the challenge of holding this baby up! Happy November everyone!


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