Out of the Box Series

“How do you come up with these things?!” It’s a question I hear frequently so I thought I would start a series that might give insight into how my brain works! Every Friday, I will do a post about an item, project, tip, anything really that isn’t used in a typical or average way. In other words, thinking creatively and outside of the box as they say!

The first in this series comes as we all start to deck the halls for the holidays. I am searching for cheap ways to make my home a winter wonderland this year. At my local Home Depot a few weeks ago, a light bulb went off in the paint section. Free paint chips are a great way to add pops of color to a project. I began collecting shades of green, white, cream, and silver from the larger swatches. Of course I put on my poker face and pretended to actually be painting a room. I didn’t want to be obvious!

Why these colors you ask? I had the idea to make some Christmas tree garland by cutting them out of these shades. I picked up a cookie cutter shaped like a tree for .99 and got to work.

I will say that this time consuming task took place during a Redskins game. I like to distract myself these days so I’m not totally invested when they lose. I call it my “football blood pressure plan”.
After cutting out about twenty trees, I hole punched the tops and strung them along some twine. I haven’t decided where to hang them yet but they will certainly be festive wherever they end up!



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