Magical Boxwoods

I’ve been working on a little holiday vignette on top of our tv console. It shouldn’t be too busy because the television hangs above it. However, it’s a great space for Christmas beauty. The night we bought our Christmas tree, I also picked up some boxwood trimmings for a mere $2.99. There is something about their round, fluffy presence that makes anything look English and classy.

I knew I wanted them somewhere on the buffet but it wasn’t until I found my unused coffee mugs that I knew what to do with them. I trimmed a few bunches down and simply placed them in the white, Crate and Barrel cups.


I haven’t finished the entire buffet but I encourage you to think about decorating with Boxwoods this holiday season. If you live in northern Virginia, Meadow Farms on route 7 in Reston has a wonderful selection. Happy holiday decorating!


5 thoughts on “Magical Boxwoods

  1. This looks so pretty. I love the contrast of wood, greenery and the white pots! But oh those candles behind them….they are my favorite! I bet they look lovely when they are alight.

  2. Hmm…maybe I can come up with something clever with my boxwoods outside in our front yard! That would be a great surprise to welcome both of you when you arrive for Christmas this year!!

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