Out of the Box: Coffee Table to Bench

For the past few months, I’ve been searching for a bench to put at the foot of our bed. A catchall for bags, magazines, books, clothes, I’m sure you know the drill. While starting the estate process for my grandmother’s house, I had a moment with her coffee table and it spoke to me. DSC_1418

This average, vintage coffee table survived a lot. On a daily basis, it held Reader’s Digests, crossword puzzles, remotes, coupons, and my grandma’s tired feet. Annually, it was a place to set a huge tray of Easter candy (Circus Peanuts included), Christmas gifts, and plates of food. It was the center of her tiny living room and I just couldn’t imagine selling it or giving it away. When I sat down on it to contemplate what to do with it, not a creak or wobble was to be heard or felt. Eureka! I can make this into a bench!

One week later, I got to work. First, I mixed a batch of homemade chalk paint with the same color as the walls in our room. Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray, in case you were curious. I decided not to distress it and leave it clean because of it’s existing detail.


Next, I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and choose a soft, elegant paisley print that would complement the tones in our room. I chose a print but I didn’t want it to be bold. I wanted it to feel vintage in keeping with the style of the table.


Foam padding was added to the table top and inverted so that I could easily staple gun everything to the bottom edge.


Here she is in all her glory!



Now it holds my bag,  an occasional basket of laundry, and my husband so he can put on his shoes in the morning. It may not see as much activity as it used to, but I feel at peace knowing that it will live on as something else. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even put some candy on it at Easter time.


7 thoughts on “Out of the Box: Coffee Table to Bench

  1. Looks great! Did you shape the corners of the foam at all? Or did you get that nice rounded shape by the way you secured the fabric underneath?

    • Great question Betty! I didn’t shape the corners of the foam. I was worried they wouldn’t round out on the edges but I cut the fabric so that I would have to pull it super tight. In doing so on the underside and stapling it, they rounded out beautifully on their own, which I was happy about! If they hadn’t, I was considering putting a thin piece of batting over the foam to provide a more rounded look. Thanks for stopping by!

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