Out of the Box: Christmas Card Display

It seems Friday ran away from me! Better late than never.

Every year I try to think of a creative way to display the Christmas cards we receive from loved ones. This year, I was yearning for something organic and original. As I shopped my house, as I often do before I brave the stores, I stumbled across a large branch my husband collected for me. I had been eying a gigantic branch on the side of a major highway near our house. I came home one day to two pieces of the branch cut and laying in my garage. My sweet, sweet husband had stopped on the side of the road, cut it into two pieces with a hand saw and tossed it into his truck. That’s love! I picked up the smaller one and plopped it right on top of the milk can in our kitchen.

The hardest part was waiting for cards to come so I could push-pin them to the branch!


I think I may have to think of an additional place. We’re getting so many great cards from our friends and family. I love the holidays!


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