Out of the Box: Unique and Thoughtful Gifts

As I tidy up my Christmas shopping, I’m reminded of how much I prefer to buy thoughtful and unique gifts as opposed to mass-produced things. If you are local, there are a ton of these options at a little store in Falls Church, VA called Stifel and Capra. Christmas is only a few days away, so if you’re in need of a last-minute gift, I encourage you to think original and stop by a local store!

I frequent this store about once a week to find new treasures and sometimes to replenish my chalk paint supply. Here are a few things there that would make great last-minute gifts!

Vintage note pads with cute tag lines

Adorable handmade clutches


Vintage and antique clocks


Handmade wreaths, herb tags, coasters.


Beautiful, handmade, tile tray created in Arlington by a woman named Heather Lezla at Persimmon Street. Check out her stuff online in her Etsy shop. I buy something of hers almost every time I’m in there!


Vintage silk scarves


Antique jewelry


Annie Sloan’s line of Chalk Paint and products!


Vintage fan, handmade cards, antique bottles

These are obviously just a few pictures but it is a great little shop filled with lots of treasures. If you live by a place like this or have always wondered what’s in that little store you pass by often, go inside and take a look. There are probably thoughtful gifts just waiting to go home with you!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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