OoTB: Jazzing up a Boring Mirror

Happy New Year everyone! Another year has come and it’s time for a fresh start and sense of renewal! I’m still thawing out from our recent trip to Chicago to visit my husband’s family and friends! We had a great time but it’s time for a detox. I know you know what I’m talking about after the holidays!

I’m excited to get back to work on a ton of projects and for the weather to warm up for more productivity! I made some resolutions involving The Painted Branch that are sure to bring excitement in 2013.

For todays Out of the Box post, I’m focusing on a project that I completed a while back. I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to photograph it in a pristine state being that it’s our bathroom! Don’t get me wrong, I keep a clean bathroom, but it’s not always photo worthy!

This idea came to me when my husband and I were out at a few yard sales in the spring. It was even before we bought our home but I knew that these special finds would be put to good use. We came across two, large, black frames. They were being used for ugly posters with cheap plexi glass. Fortunately, the frames themselves were simple and very sturdy. We purchased them for a measly $2!

When we purchased our home, the master bath had a great vanity with double sinks but what hung above it did not thrill me. I’ve never been one for a huge, wall-to-wall mirror in the bathroom. It seems plain and contractor-grade to me. As luck would have it, the frames were the a perfect fit over the mirror. I got to work with a can of white paint and some burlap.


Here they are mounted simply over top of the large mirror. I centered them over each sink and mounted one single hanger and wire on the wall. Nothing is attached to the mirror itself so they are easily removable. For an extra detail, I hot glued burlap ribbon to the back and tied it above the light fixtures in a bow with a nail.

It feels a little more luxurious in our bathroom now and the frames make it feel more custom. Don’t be afraid to jazz up your existing mirrors if it means you will enjoy them more!


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