Goodbye Wreath, Hello Fertilizer

I don’t know about you, but the warm weather we’re having on the East Coast is giving me spring fever in the dead of winter.

This weekend, I took down the wreath on my door that I made in November! I couldn’t handle my entry floor getting covered in needles every time we opened the door. It hurt to just throw it away after crafting it with my own two hands.

Consequently, I got a juicer for Christmas and wanted to start a compost bin to recycle some of the waste. After reading instructions on how to do this, I picked up a bin at Home Depot and started collecting materials.

20130130-144017.jpg  20130130-144002.jpg

I knew I could get a decent amount of “brown” material from the wreath. They say brown material is twigs, leaves, branches, paper, etc. This all helps in the decomposition process. That sad little plant did not survive the snow and ice so he selflessly donated his branches to the bin. The paper pieces are simply the shreds from our important papers and trash that died in the shredder.

20130130-144041.jpg  20130130-144030.jpg

I added the scrapes from about eight juices to get it started. I will save up more to add every few days to a week and then turnover the material every two weeks. I’m hoping it will be decent soil by the time I want to plant things like tomatoes, basil and peppers in late May/ early June!


I realize this has nothing to do with home decor but for me, it’s still about using what you have and turning it into something else! Seeing things differently or re purposing them for a totally different function gives me such a rush! I guess that also makes me a nerd. But I’ll be a nerd with delicious tomatoes!


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Wreath, Hello Fertilizer

  1. That’s my girl! I have been wanting to do this for about a year now since we do it at school. But the closet I have come is throwing everything into the woods and turning over the leaves every once in awhile. But the soil underneath is sweet!

  2. I’m really proud of you, Meg!! I keep a small composter on my kitchen sink also and toss it all in and add whatever else is around – toss in a little bit of wood ashes or lime now and then with it’ll be all nice and black with nutrients!! course I add horse manure also and leaves and chaff..

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