OoTB: February Love


Good Saturday morning readers! I hope you’re snuggled up if it’s cold where you are like it is here. Brrr!

Since the Groundhog said we’re going to have an early spring, I wanted to dedicate this post to February! It just so happens to be a pretty eventful month in my family.

Even though I’m a day late for Out of the Box Fridays, it’s never too late to give birthday shout outs!


If you have a chalkboard in your home that you like to change-up from time to time, why not use it as a decorative calendar?!

That’s what I did here starting with my amazing dad’s birthday this coming Tuesday, the 4th. Next comes mine and my twin sister, Heather’s birthday on the 9th! We’re lying low this year to celebrate because next year is the big 3-0! It will be epic I’m sure.

Ironically, my sweet mom and my awesome father-in-law, Bill, have the same birthday on the 12th! After some wine and scallops on Valentine’s day (a tradition with me and the hubbs), my lovely mother-in-law, Valerie, celebrates her birthday on the 20th! Whew! What a month right?

You can see how easy it was to convince my little sister, Amy that she was adopted since her birthday was in June! Sorry about that Ames. You’re over that by now…I think.

Here’s to another month closer to spring!


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