Chippy Desk

A couple of months ago when I was shopping at Old Lucketts Store, I entered one of the outdoor pavilions and this desk jumped out at me.


I had every intention of testing out Miss Mustard Seed’s new milk paint. Unfortunately, I picked up a bright blue sample packet and that just wasn’t going to work on this piece.


I went with a hand mixed version using leftover paint from our walls in the house.

Furniture that has a lot of large, flat surfaces is always quicker to paint than pieces with small spindles or skinny spaces. We needed a desk quickly so that worked out to my advantage!


I wanted an organic, chippy look with this desk so I went heavy on the sanding. This was also the first time I used Miss Mustard Seed’s clear wax and I have to say, I love it! It much smoother and thinner than some of the waxes I have used in the past and creates more of a satin sheen. I highly recommend it!


The inside drawers were a little dingy so they got a pick-me-up with some green, floral contact paper. Home Depot actually has a lot of classy and fresh contact paper. You can find it in the aisles near the rugs and containers.

Here is the desk in our current office/extra room.


I’m working on painting an old chair from my grandmother to go with the desk. I’m still not content with this room and its function so I will be fiddling with things over the next few months. My husband has discovered that this desk is a little small for a six-foot man. It’s quite possible that as soon as I find another replacement for it, this one will be up for sale.

It would be really sweet in a little girls room for a school desk or as a vanity with a mirror placed on top. Just a thought! I will post it when it becomes available.

Side note: Bare with me as I work on creating a watermark that I’m happy with. I’m drafting right now but it’s a tedious process!


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