OoTB: Inspiration Sucess

There is no other form of flattery for a blogger then when a reader gets inspired from what I post! After all, that’s why I started this blog. Inspiration is all around us. The hardest part is the initial push to get started on these ideas. Finding the time, tools and materials can be enough to deter people.

My Aunt Patsy and Uncle Steve live in a beautiful house in Texas with their lovely horses. They recently moved there from Florida where they still own a home. Decorating so much space is challenging but it is also a great opportunity to get creative with what you already have!

These shutter doors were in their attic in Orlando for years.


Alone, these shutter doors are boring and space eaters. But with a little creativity, inspiration and labor, they can be re-purposed into a beautiful headboard for a guest bedroom!

patsy  patsy3

What I love about this headboard is that it adds a focal point to the room anchoring the bed. The natural wood is appropriate for a Texas, ranch style home and adds height and texture to the walls. You did a fantastic job Patsy! My parents will enjoy the room in person when they visit in March!

If you’re looking to add a little spunk to a bed with a headboard, try thinking “out of the box”.

This is the headboard in our current guest bedroom. It was an old piece of wood used for a gate.


This is what it looked like when I found it in a friend’s garage.

old door

You can see how far a little bit of vision and elbow grease can take a piece!

For our master bedroom, you might remember my frustration with this headboard.


I love it now but putting it together made me want to yank out my hair!

If those aren’t  inspiring enough, here a few more unique ideas to get your creative juices flowing!


Source: http://valeriejar.blogspot.com/


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


Source: http://designamour.com/


Source: http://robin-happyathome.blogspot.com/2010/06/headboard-shelf-tutorial.html

Have a fantastic Friday!


3 thoughts on “OoTB: Inspiration Sucess

  1. Meg, I am flattered you displayed our headboard in your blog, I can now really appreciate the amount of work that goes into the pieces you have created. The satisfaction at the end is really fulfilling though. I had thought about adding a couple of Clavos to this piece to make it more rustic but Steve seemed to like the natural look… maybe latter when we are in the mood for a change!!! This is the room your Mom and Dad will be staying in when they come visit! Thanks again for the kudos!

  2. Patsy, I can’t wait to see your handiwork. It looks beautiful! Meggie, I love the shelf idea above the bed in lieu of a headboard. But I can’t believe you posted the antlers for a jewelry holder! Can’t wait to show that to dad!

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