Patriotic Redo

It’s too bad it’s not July. First of all, that means it would be warm out. Secondly, this project would be more appropriate for the fourth of July! I have a repeat client who is building a sun-room onto her home. She wants a lot of the pieces painted in a beautiful navy blue. When she passed along this table, there wasn’t an immediate vision in mind. Instantly, I saw it as a vintage American flag because of the existing stripes.

coffee table

It was definitely in need of some love. Since the paint colors needed to alternate, it was imperative that I tape it off.

coffee table

Now, what you will see next is a little backwards but I haven’t lost my mind! Since the predominate color scheme on her porch is going to be navy, she wanted to tie this table into that scheme. We decided to try out alternating blue and white stripes with a red square in the corner.


I used the same custom mix I had left over from her other pieces to start the blue stripes. The white stripes were also done in a custom, chalk paint mix using latex paint, Plaster of Paris and water.


Here she is in all her American glory. I actually love the fact that the blue and white stripes make it more neutral and subdued. Had they been red and white, it might be distracting in a room. Personally, I still read it as the American flag regardless of the switch-up. It’s interesting and abstract.

DSC_0147  DSC_0141

To achieve a worn and vintage look, I distressed the major edges, clear waxed and dark waxed the entire thing.


The further into the process I got, it occurred to me that it would also be an amazing entry way bench!

Here are some other beautiful ways to bring a little  Americana into your life!



flag 2

Source: Pinterest





All of these flags remind me of summer time, watermelon and sparklers. A girl can dream.


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