Put Your Table on a Pedestal

My twin sister has great taste. Such great taste in fact that she bought the exact same pedestal table that I have from Craigslist! Not knowing it was the same, she fell in love with it and imagined it with a fresh coat of chalk paint. Of course we have stranger twin stories than that but I find it pretty ironic considering how many tables there are out there! To up the irony anty, when I purchased my table and chairs off of Craigslist, I didn’t end up needing the chairs. So now, along with her table, I’m painting the matching four chairs for her. Funny how things work out like that!

It was your average, 80’s oak pedestal table. Perfect for a new apartment but not very easy on the eyes.


She’s not moving until the end of the summer. In order to decorate once it’s in the apartment, we both agreed it would be best to keep it light and neutral. It’s much easier to paint a piece like this in two separate parts.

I made a custom paint mix for using paint I already had in order to keep the cost down.

paintsWM watermarkcircle

It’s a 1:1 ratio of white latex paint and a tan neutral latex paint with about a quarter cup of Plaster of Paris mixed in.


The first coat I applied is white chalk paint. The second coat is the custom blend. It’s already looking updated don’t you think?

table1WM    table3WM

Here are some close-ups of the distress work I did as well as the dark wax I applied to make it look aged.


That’s right. I’m working inside in our basement. Spring can’t come soon enough! My garage doesn’t seem to be super insulated.

tableWM table2WM

The detail work along the edge of this table pops beautifully with a light coat of paint and dark wax!

I can’t wait to see this little gem in Heather’s apartment! I’m sure it will add lots of character. Stay tuned for the matching chairs as I will be trying a new spray technique on them!


6 thoughts on “Put Your Table on a Pedestal

    • Hi! Great question. To be honest, I’m still playing with it. I will say that I have been pleased with the results. I haven’t used any strict measuring techniques. I use regular latex paint in mostly satin finishes. In a separate container, I pour in the paint and add enough Plaster of Paris to make it thick to my liking. If it’s too thick, I just add a touch of water and stir for a few minutes. I find when it’s thicker (like chalk paint), it reacts similarly. It distresses the same way and I apply wax and dark wax the same way I would with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I hope this helps! If I come across any other techniques or tips I will be sure to share! Thanks :o)

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