OoTB: Decorate with Plates

As a newbie to Twitter this week, I have come across so many amazing new blogs and ideas! It’s an incredible platform for all of us DIY bloggers and I have already had lots of conversations with lovely people.

My inspiration for Out of the Box this week comes from a new blog I’m following called, Denise in Bloom. She tweeted out a few posts about using plates as decorative wall decor and I fell in love! I’m getting really inspired and excited to try this. My family and I are starting the planning process for my grandmother’s estate sale in April and I’m sure we will come across a ton of great, vintage plates!

Here is the project that Denise in Bloom finished in her own home.

create an eclectic plate arrangement

It’s so fresh and unique. I just love it, especially with Spring right around the corner!

Here are a few other images to get your mind reeling about plates on a wall!


So simple and elegant! You probably have vintage white plates lying around in your buffet.

Source: Better Homes and Garden


Vintage floral can be fresh and updated!

Source: Little Emma English Home


This is on a grand scale but my, what an impact!

Source: Apartment Therapy


Love these as entryway pop of color!

Source: Pinterest

I hope this weekend, you will look through your China cabinet and think out of the box! Have a wonderful weekend!

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