Creating a Watermark

I’ve been on the hunt for the past few weeks for a site that would easily help me create a watermark for my photos. With no luck trying it through PowerPoint, Photoshop and a few other sites, I finally stumbled upon Pic Monkey! I heard about this site from a good friend who posted about it on her blog, Hillside Lane. She used it as a photo editing site so I decided to check it out. There at the bottom of the page was a little glimmer of hope in my watermark search!

Here is the link to Pic Monkey’s blog on how to create your own water mark!


I went with a simple horizontal line after playing with lots of more distracting options. You want to protect your photos without taking anything away from them. It’s also possible to make your watermark more transparent if you choose.


I can’t wait to play with their editing features a little more. There are so many cool tools to use! I highly recommend checking it out. Now on to the tedious task of placing the watermark on all of my photos! Baby steps.

*This is not a paid review for Pic Monkey.


8 thoughts on “Creating a Watermark

  1. Thanks! I just use photoshop and add a text layer because that is all I know how to do! I’m in the process of having some new logo stuff done so I’d like to be able to make my photos look a little better! Good timing:)

      • Ugh, my designer just told me he doesn’t “feel” the connection between the name Scrap Me Baby and what it is I like to do now…can’t say I disagree. My style has changed dramatically since I started out years ago doing mostly scrapbooks &baby projects. But…coming up with a new name or an add on is throwing me off completely!

      • Hmm…That’s a pickle. What about playing up the word “Scrap” and sticking with that to help with the transition. Ex. From Scraps to Crafts or Scrappy Crafts? Just thinking off the top of my head but when I think of that word, I think of making something out of nothing or very little in a crafty way. Not necessarily related to scrap booking at all. You can still keep your tagline, “All things crafty” The possibilities are endless. Then it might take a few weeks to re brand yourself with the disclaimer of, “formally Scrap Me Baby”. But at least if you have one of the same words in there it will make it easier. Don’t get discouraged!

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