Custom Signature and Etsy

Good morning! This will be a quick post as I am headed out the door soon to warm up in hot yoga. It’s kind of like doing yoga on a tropical beach!

I wanted to send out a helpful tip for how to get a custom signature at the end of blog posts. I keep seeing these adorable signatures on all of my favorite blogs and thought it was a nice touch. It made me feel like I knew the blogger a little better seeing her name in pretty, blue cursive. So, I set out on an internet search to figure out how to do it for The Painted Branch.

Here is what I found…

My Live Signature is an easy, free site to do this! If you think you can go to the site and dive right in, have at it! But if you’re like me and you like a step-by-step guide, here is a great You Tube video to take you through it.

I hope these links help you add a little of your own personality to your blog!

I’m also in the process of getting my Etsy shop started with these babies! Stay tuned.

branchcandlesWM burlapbranch

Happy Monday,


4 thoughts on “Custom Signature and Etsy

  1. Love those tea light holders! I have a signature on my blog but I literally did it in photoshop…lol I wish my computer skills weren’t so lacking!
    Ps-you are the first to know but I think the new name is going to be “Then & Again by scrap me baby” (potentially dropping scrap me baby altogether down the road) what do you think?

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